Florence, Laurenz. MS. Plut.2.41: Letter - #3772

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Letter - #3772





Traced with 2 movements

  • Main oblique stroke - does not reach the headline
  • Left-hand downstroke - joins the chevron
  • Left-hand downstroke - descends from below the headline
  • Left-hand downstroke - reaches the baseline
  • Left-hand downstroke - no foot
  • Foot on the left-hand downstroke - DELETE no foot
  • Right arm - MOVE TO ROOF short stroke slanted in respect of the main stem
  • Right arm - joins the main oblique stroke
  • Right arm - branches of the chevron are attached to the main stroke in the middle
  • Right arm - lower branch of the chevron is equal to the upper branch of the chevron
  • Right arm - lower branch of the chevron is arched
  • Right arm - no roof

Width: 16px
Height: 23px
Rotation: 0°
Area (w x h): 394px2
Ratio (w / h): 0.71
Coordinates (top, left): 503px, 579px