Florence, Laurenz. MS. Plut.2.41: Decoration - #3797

  • Details
Decoration - #3797



  • Format and Location - Decorated initial word/letter
  • Technique and Medium - Spare ground painting in ink
  • Technique and Medium - Penwork drawing
  • Colour Palette - Gold
  • Colour Palette - Green
  • Colour Palette - Red
  • Non-Figural Pictorial Content: Letter Decoration - Filled letters: knotwork and interlace
  • Non-Figural Pictorial Content: Background Decoration (Penwork) - Palmettes
  • Non-Figural Pictorial Content: Background Decoration (Penwork) - Tendrils
  • Non-Figural Pictorial Content: Decorated Border - Other (please specify)

The background is done in penwork but with a spare ground effect; this hybridised technique is unusual.

The panel has a scalloped border.

Width: 166px
Height: 105px
Rotation: 0°
Area (w x h): 17430px2
Ratio (w / h): 1.58
Coordinates (top, left): 464px, 755px