MS. Friedberg 9-001: Letter - Ḥeth

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Letter - Ḥeth

Letter - Ḥeth

Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, University of Toronto Library (Toronto, Canada)

MS. Friedberg 9-001: Scribe of the Babylonian Mishna 'MS A'

Scribe of the Babylonian Mishna 'MS A' (Date active: 9th century)




Vertically rectangular

Traced with 4 movements

  • Upper horizontal bar - slanted
  • Right-hand downstroke - traced as a separate movement from the upper bar
  • Right-hand downstroke - straight
  • Right-hand downstroke - equal to the left-hand downstroke
  • Right-hand downstroke - shorter than the left-hand downstroke
  • Left-hand downstroke - attached to the upper bar on the left
  • Left-hand downstroke - straight
  • Left-hand downstroke - equal to the right-hand downstroke
  • Serifs - approach stroke

Width: 18px
Height: 21px
Area (w x h): 378px2
Ratio (w / h): 0.86
Coordinates (top, left): 609px, 500px