Berlin, SBB MS. Or. Fol. 1215

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Berlin, SBB MS. Or. Fol. 1215

Erfurt 6

Staatsbibliothek Zu Berlin (Berlin, Germany)

Item Nature




Brown (iron-gall)



There is ruling

Hard point

Grid of single vertical and horizontal lines




most likely written in the first half of the fourteenth century

14th Century CE

Hubmann - Oesch, “Betrachtungen zu den Torarollen”, p. 115. Many thanks to Prof. Judith Olszowy-Schlanger, who in a personal conversation helped date the scroll as such: MS or. fol. 1215 (MS Erfurt 6) was most likely written in the first half of the fourteenth century. This dating differ from what is written in the online catalogue of the Berlin State Library, where the dating is as follows: MS or. fol. 1215 (MS Erfurt 6): thirteenth century. At the Erfurt Collection website: (03.05.2021) the datings are as follows: MS or. fol. 1215 (Erfurt 6), end of the thirteenth century.





Subject Field



No vowels or accents


Written before 1349. In this year they came into the possession of the city council of Erfurt during a pogrom related to the Black Death. Even though there are no dated inscriptions on the scrolls themselves and thus an exact date is unavailable, it must predate 1349.

F. Hubmann - J. Oesch, “Betrachtungen zu den Torarollen der Erfurter Handschriften-Sammlung. Untersuchungen zu Gliederung und Sonderzeichen,” in F. Bussert - S. Laubenstein (eds.), Die jüdische Gemeinde von Erfurt und die SchUM-Gemeinden. Kulturelles Erbe und Vernetzung. (Erfurter Schriften zur jüdischen Geschichte 1; Erfurt: Jena, Bussert & Stadeler, 2012), pp. 96-117; E. Caspi, “Gevilim Nisrafim be-Shabbat Ro’sh Ḥodesh Parashat ha-Ḥodesh (Hebrew),” in Sh.Y.L. Hoffmann - M.D. Chechik (eds.), Yerushaseinu (vol 7; Bene Beraq: Machon Moreshet Ashkenaz, 2014), pp. 97-101; J. Penkower, “The Ashkenazi Pentateuch”; A. Martini, “Die Geschichte der Erfurter Handschriftensammlung,” in Die hebräischen Handschriften der Erfurter Sammlung (2018), www.geschkult.fu and www.geschkult.fu (accessed 03.05.2021); M. Farnadi-Jerusálmi “Palaeographic and Halakhic aspects of the Erfurt Torah Scrolls,” in C. Bergmann - M. Stürzebecher (eds.), Ritual Objects in Ritual Contexts (Erfurter Schriften zur jüdischen Geschichte 6; Erfurt: Jena, Bussert & Stadeler, 2020); Erfurt Collection: (accessed 03.05.2021)
An Unknown Ashkenazic Torah Scroll from the Early 13th Century : a Palaeographical Study / Farnadi-Jerusálmi, Mark in "Henoch : studi storico-testuali su giudaismo e cristianesimo in età antica e medievale : 43, 1, 2021, Brescia : Editrice Morcelliana, 2021 , 2611-8076 - Casalini id: 5189735" - P. 105-135

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Berlin, SBB MS. Or. Fol. 1215: Erfurt 6 Main scribe – Square
Staatsbibliothek Zu Berlin (Berlin, Germany)